The first passive solar home I designed. Its in Blairsville, Georgia


Thank you! ....for visiting our site. Our little firm is based in the Appalachian Mountains near Murphy, North Carolina. We often work on projects several hours away. Whether its planning a new project or remodeling an existing home, we specialize in planning for...

your property.
We specialize in difficult sites, especially steep mountain slopes. By measuring the property we design homes to connect better to the property. This often reduces excavation, retaining walls, and costs while making the home more comfortable.

your budget.
Some of our clients have very strict budgets. Others can afford whatever they want. Our design process includes budget controls that give you more power over the cost of your project.

your needs.
Each of our clients has a special set of needs. Many have health and accessibility issues. Some need a special home office or workspace. Others have special hobbies or a collection of heirlooms. One is a music teacher wanting a rehearsal place with good acoustics. We love designing homes that fit needs like these. Some of the needs we specialize in are...

energy efficiency.
We increase the sunshine in the winter and shade it in the summer, often the easiest way to save the most energy for the least cost. We also design insulation systems that keep the home comfortable without increasing the cost. We do not like expensive "green" gadgets. We focus on what works best for each project.

Some of our clients use wheelchairs, are blind, have breathing issues, diabetes, back problems, or other issues. We like to listen to what they go through and design a home that makes their life easier. Even if you don't have these issues now, we should plan ahead for what might happen in the future.

indoor air quality.
Some of our clients have respiratory or sensitivity issues. Planning a home for indoor air quality has made a big difference in their lives. Our clients tell us what bothers them and we focus on how to reduce this from their home. Whether dust, pollen, mold, animal dander, certain chemicals, or something else, we enjoy researching how to reduce these irritants from the homes we design.

Our clients don't want to spend their lives fixing their new home. Since 2011 we have also been inspecting homes for sale. We have seen the mistakes some builders make, and the problems they cause. We enjoy planning ways to avoid these problems.

Richard MacCrea
My name is Richard C. MacCrea.
....I have been designing and planning custom homes since 1987. You will find that I am a good listener. I want your home to improve your life.

Since 2011 I have been inspecting homes in Georgia and North Carolina. In the early 1980's I managed the engineering department of a metal buiding company. This included estimating, design, planning, and research and development. Since then I have enjoyed designing and planning both new homes and remodeling projects. I have also completed many classes to help me design homes that are more energy efficient, healthy, strong, and durable. I am interested in practical ideas for passive solar homes, indoor air quality, accessibility, and everything "green."

North Carolina Home Inspection License Training
Earthcraft House Building Class
Georgia State Energy Code Class
ECO Block Professional Installer and Estimator Course
Pella Window and Door Designer Class
Truss Joist Design Class
Florida State Hurricane Code Class

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