A sketch of the street view of this home A sketch of the creek view of this home
The north side and the south side of this home

Hayesville, North Carolina

What was needed:
This couple had a beautiful, level lot in a valley, with a view of a beautiful creek nearby, and the mountains in the distance. Their budget was extremely tight.

The first step:
Visiting the site, I could see that it was probably in the flood plain of the creek. I would need to verify what county requirements must be met to build on this lot. The direction of the mountain and creek views and the sun angles were recorded.

How we designed for their property, budget, and needs
The flood zone ordinance required a lot of space under the house to let flood waters pass by. The house must be higher off the ground, making entry access more difficult for a retirement home. At this point the clients wanted to keep moving forward.

To make this small home spacious and efficient a two story glass wall would face south. With a view of the creek, this woud also allow the winter sun to warm the house. Just enough roof overhang runs between the two levels of glass to shade them in the summer.

The covered porch also faces south, making it a nice, comfortable area to enjoy the outside in the winter. The house blocks the cold north wind, allowing the sunshine to warm up the porch.

So, how did this project turn out? It was not built. The clients changed their mind. The flood plain requirements added too much cost, and they did not like how this would affect the house.

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