The view The street side
Photographs of the side facing the driveway

Hothouse Community, Murphy, North Carolina

What was needed:
The clients had plans drafted in Florida, but they were not well designed for a steep property. A builder told them they needed better plans. They wanted a home designed for this property that would give them a secluded place to enjoy nature. They wanted lots of glass facing the view, high ceilings, and a tower with a third level office.

Visiting the site, and measuring the steep slope, I could see their old plan would not work. It would not fit on their property, and it was way over budget.

I suggested a new plan. To get the house into budget, I designed the third level office inside the attic roof line, instead of the costly tower. This plan also moved the second bedroom downstairs to an insulated basement.

The roof framing The thrid level office platform
Photographs of the roof framing & the platform for the third level office

The client decided to be his own contractor. When he ran into difficulties he called me. I was able to come to the site and help solve them.

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